Accounting is all about the study of financial information and being able to analyse, interpret and record it appropriately. Accounting is a very vast topic that needs the best lecturers and study environments in order to produce the very best accountants. And that is why Skilled Migration Internship Program was started to make sure those students from other parts of the world gain access to the very best of accounting knowledge.

SMIPA is a 44-week accounting program that is meant to impart the best accounting skills to accounting enthusiasts. We do have the best lecturers who are experienced and will see to it that you have nothing but the best. We also carry out IT workshops for our students to keep them sharp and skilled at all times. Here is how one can qualify for our program:

Here Are the Requirements for Studying Accounting with Us

An Undergraduate Degree or a Master’s Degree in Accounting from a recognised Australian institution is required for anyone to be eligible for the Skilled Migration Internship Program.The student should also provide an official letter confirming that they studied and successfully graduated from the above mentioned institutions after at least two years.

Your English language proficiency test is important. Here, the potential accounting student will be tested on listening, speaking, writing and reading English. The better the potential student is, the higher they are bound to score in the English proficiency test. Your current Visa and passport is also another requirement they will ask for. And in addition to your visa, you will be required to have your temporary bridging Visa.

An assessment of your skills from any of these certified or recognised accounting bodies – IPA, CPA Australia or chartered accountants Australia. A completion letter and academic transcript from your respective university will be required. Finally, a minimum of 6.0 score on your IELTS test. This is the equivalent of TOEFL Ibit, Pearson’s or Cambridge Advanced English.

Benefits of Studying Accounting in Our Institutions

  • The students get to learn a lot from highly skilled lecturers from our partnered institutions. Some of the learning methods will includelectures, seminars, the use of the latest accounting software and regular workshops.
  • Undertaking SMIPA helps brilliant accountants to understand the Australian job market which makes it easy for them to seek and obtain employment. The program also gives accounting students an edge over regular accounting students as SMIPA is practical-oriented
  • The immigrants can easily obtain permanent residence in Australia after successfully completing SMIPA course
  • Finally, SMIPA makes sure that all the accountants that undergo the program know how to apply their book smarts by providing real life working environments.
  • It is much easier when applying for the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
  • You will learn how to communicate in a fluent, professional manner as you interact with fellow accountants or clients within the Australian workforce.


How the Professional Year - IT Program Helps

In the world today, job markets, especially in Australia, are competitive. Despite this, there is always a way one can stand out and make them the most sought after candidates in an industry. In the IT industry, the best way to do is by taking the Professional Year - IT Program as it not only gives you a chance for an internship placement but also helps you understand more about the Australian workforce while at the same time you build a reliable professional network.

Increases Employability Chance for International Graduates

As an international graduate who wishes to work in Australia, this can boost your chances of doing so. When one successfully completes the program, in the SOL or the Skilled Occupation List by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in the country, you get awarded 5 points. Although it does not guarantee permanent residency in Australia, it increases the chance of employability for international graduates.

You Get the Professional Skills for Working

There are the specific professional skills needed for the Australian market, and you must have these if you are to secure a job in the country. With the Professional Year - IT program that is completed successfully, a graduate acquires the relevant skills fit for the country's workforce. Candidates are prepared to work in the industry as they are more aware of what is required of them in the workplace and the culture.

Its A Great Pathway to Securing an Interview

As a fresh graduate or a job candidate straight from university, even with transcript of courses and completion letter that are certified from a university, getting a job or an interview is not a walk in the park. To secure a job in the Australian workforce, a Professional Year - IT program would play a great role in a positive outcome for this.

Helps in Building a Career

Besides enhancing the chances of securing a job in Australia, the Professional Year - IT program helps in building one's career. This is through offering tips in searching for a job, career assistance and in network building. This is one of the most important reasons to take this program.

When you are looking to migrate to Australia, and you want to do so legally, a Professional Year - IT program would be of great benefit. The country has shortage of IT professionals, and the program increases your chances of securing a job. With proficiency in the English language and a minimum of bachelor's degree in IT, you can take the course in less than a year. Whether you are planning to migrate to Australia or you are already in the country, you can become a member of the ACS through this program.


  • 44 weeks, as gazetted by DIBP
  • Professional training specific to the industry
  • Communication & Performance in the Australian Workplace
  • Entry & Advancement in the Australian Workplace
  • Professional Element
  • Professional Australian accounting internship for 12 weeks


  • Improve the work prospects inside Accounting industry
  • Develop & refine your business communication and workplace skills
  • Create specialist professional connections as well as enhance your networks
  • Gain a greater understanding of Australian workplace and culture
  • Become a member of your relevant professional body
  • Obtain a reference and demonstrate valuable experience on your CV
  • Access career assistance and job seeking advice


  • A bachelor or master degree in Accountancy, completed over a two year study program in Australia, with a certified copy of your completion letter from your University verifying two years completion of your degree and a certified copy of your university transcript of courses.
  • Evidence of English language proficiency with minimum IELTS. score of 6.0 in each of the bands (speaking, reading, listening and writing)
  • A copy of your professional skills assessment or a confirmation of an application for assessment from CPA or the IPA
  • Your 485 Skilled Graduate (temporary) visa or Bridging Visa A, with a minimum of 12 months status
  • Your current passport


Our charges are fair and reasonable and in tune with market demand. We charge on the basis of what the market is charging for similar services and have structured our fees accordingly. We charge fees for immigration visa processing that are in keeping with Industry standards. The general nature of fees is agreed in advance with the final fee depending on case complexity and the type of visa processing required by our clients. Generally, a partial payment is due with the Retainer Agreement before any work can begin. The balance is paid in installments at each step of the application process.

We review each case on their own merits, separately and individually, to consider clients specific situations when determining the consulting fee.