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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a way to use your existing skills and knowledge to get a formal qualification. It takes your experience and knowledge assessed from your current job, and other qualifications you have into account. Are you ready to achieve RPL qualifications in Australia??

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What is the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

RPL can be used to assess learning that has been gained through any sort of formal, informal and nonformal means in Australia or overseas. In order to be eligible for RPL, you must be able to provide proof that you have the knowledge and skills that are equivalent to those required for the Nationally Recognised Qualification (NRQ) that you are seeking.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that allows you to have your prior knowledge and learning outcomes assessed and recognised by a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO). RPL offers an opportunity for you to gain formal recognition equivalent to learning outcomes of Australian Qualifications with regard to your previously acquired knowledge and experience, enabling you to track your educational and career progression.

The RPL Assessment must be:

  • Affirmed by an Academic Staff of an RTO who has proficiency in specific subject content, knowledge and skills.
  • Be provided with authentic & sufficient prior learning proof to validate and verify their experience.
  • Able to recognise the knowledge despite of how, when and where it was obtained.


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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


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Steps on How you can
complete the RPL Process

This includes document assessment and competency verification


An initial assessment or pre-assessment would be required by our dedicated consultants.


Identifying what documents/evidence are required for the completion of the process


Gathering the documents needed to create a portfolio for the client.


Documents are being forwarded to our Affiliated RTOs for initial document assessment to verify the competency of the applicant.


Once our Affiliated RTO have assessed the competency of the applicant it will be issued by the college.

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Benefits of RPL

Saving time and money

RPL is a financially viable option that provides a recognition to your previously acquired skills and expertise making it redundant to repeat learning or training thus saving time and money.

Increasing access to education and training

RPL has the capability to eliminate obstacles to education and training for individuals who lack formal qualifications but have acquired expertise knowledge and skills through alternative experiences

Enhancing career opportunities

RPL assists in boosting career prospects by acknowledging and valuing the skills and experience individuals acquire. RPL enables individuals to gain recognition for their existing competencies and effectively demonstrate their capabilities.

Improving self-esteem & confidence

RPL can motivate individuals to further their education and training and pursue new career opportunities. When you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge through RPL assessment, it helps you to feel more confident in yourself.

Enhancing workforce development

RPL serves as a useful tool for employers to identify and nurture the skills of their employees. By recognizing the skills and experience that their workforce possesses, employers can strategically develop targeted training programs and career development plans that align with the existing competencies of their workforce

Recognise volunteer experience

RPL is a turning point that brings immense benefits to both individuals and organizations. By acknowledging and valuing the skills and experience individuals gain through formal or informal education, work, volunteering, or other life experiences, RPL help new opportunities to emerge.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that acknowledges and validates your currently existing skills, knowledge, and experience, despite of how they were acquired. RPL offers an opportunity for you to gain formal recognition for your abilities, enabling you to track your educational and career progression. RPL helps you to get adjoined with the certification that is sufficed with your prior qualifications. RPL is a viable option for people who have gained skills and knowledge through
work experience, informal learning etc.

The RPL process is entailed with following steps:

Identify your learning outcomes The first step is to identify the learning outcomes that you want to achieve through RPL. These learning outcomes will be based on the requirements of the qualification that you are seeking.

Gather evidence of your learning Once you have identified your learning outcomes, you will need to gather supporting evidence to be provided as proof. This evidence can be in a variety of forms, such as work samples, portfolios, reference or service letters.

Submit your evidence to an assessor The assessor will review your evidence and determine whether you have met the learning outcomes of the qualification. 
If you are successful, you will be awarded the qualification.

The duration to get RPL can vary depending on the industry you are focusing on, the certification, the evidence you supply, and how efficiently you supply the relevant evidence. Overall, the RPL process can take from 1 to a maximum of 8 weeks. The following are some of the factors that can affect the length of the RPL process:

The complexity of the qualification: relatively complex qualifications will take a longer time to assess.

The amount of evidence you supply: the more and sufficient evidence you supply, the faster the assessment process will be.
Your quickness in providing the evidence: the faster and efficient the submission of evidence is, the faster we can proceed with the RPL assessment.

The most significant benefits in using RPL includes;

Time saving
A financially viable option

Improves your career prospects

Allows to gain a competitive edge

Increases your self confidence

Helps to expand your knowledge and skills

It can help you to enhance your confidence and selfesteem when you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge through RPL assessment, it will help you feel more confident in yourself.

You may get the chance to network with other professionals the RPL assessment process can give you the opportunity to build up connections with other professionals who are also seeking to upskill themselves.

You will be able to stay updated with the latest industry trends the RPL assessment process can help you to identify the latest industry trends and advancements and to ensure that your skills and knowledge are contemporary.

RTO is termed as Registered Training Organisation. RTOs are accredited by Australian government to  carry on training and assessment services for individuals. They offer a range of courses summing up every industry.

The main difference between RPL and RTO is that RPL is an assessment process which helps you to get your prior learning and experience evaluated against the requirements of a qualification, whereas RTO is an organisation that is accredited to deliver training and assessment services.


105+ reviews

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Jhoniel Viloria
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