Why study Certificate IV in Fitness, and How Long does it take to Complete?

Why study certificate IV in Fitness, and how long does it take to complete? A lot of people ask why they should do a Certificate IV in Fitness. Often we think that we know enough or we don’t want to carry the burdens of study but let me just say that you will get so much more out of the course than what you put in.

Enroll in a fitness certificate iv program in Sydney today, one of the newest additions to the fitness industry.

How to get started with fitness certificate iv – A certificate iv in fitness is essential for anyone who wants to get started in the fitness industry.

Fitness is often thought of as just exercise, but in reality, it’s so much more. It has evolved to encompass the entire well-being of the individual. This includes not only looking after their body but also their mental and social needs.

Why Study Fitness?

Picture a world where everyone is in good shape, where everyone can climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, where everyone can run to the store or chase after a toddler. Where being unhealthy is seen as taboo. Where “sick” is a state of mind, not a state of health.

In this world, healthy people are the norm, which means no matter your gender, age, race, or economic status, you can be active and healthy for the duration of your life. Fit people have the power to change this world.

In our current state, unfit people have a different set of advantages and disadvantages than fit people. They’re less likely to develop chronic health conditions and live a longer life free from disease. However, they’re more likely to be unemployed or underemployed and have less time to enjoy their families and friends due to poor health and a shorter lifespan.

Fitness is as Important as you think.

The idea of being fit and healthy is something that has been around for a long time, and it is something that all of us have heard about. It is not a new phenomenon by any means. People have been going to gyms and working out for a very long time, and they have been encouraging others to follow their lead.

However, a lot of people do not find fitness as important as they should, and they do not see the point in working out or spending time on physical exercise.

How long does it take to get a Cert III or IV in fitness?

The course length of time it takes to complete a certificate III or IV in fitness will rely on whether you are studying full-time, part-time, or in an adult education setting.

You can enroll in a fitness program in one of the following ways:

A full-time study that lasts between 4 and 6 months – A Certificate III or IV in fitness requires that you study full-time.

A full-time study that lasts between 9 to 12 months – A Certificate III or IV in fitness also requires that you study full-time; however, the course duration is longer.

A full-time study that lasts between 15 and 24 months – You can complete a Certificate III or IV in fitness by studying full-time. For example, if you’re aged 19 years and older and want to study part-time (while working), it would take between 2-4 years to finish the course depending on the certificate you choose.

The AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) sets out the qualifications and units required to be awarded a certificate III or IV in fitness.

The minimum time it takes to finish fitness certificate III and IV courses is nine months. However, it can take longer depending on personal circumstances and other factors. These can include:

  • how often you attend classes;
  • whether you do additional training at home; and
  • whether you do an additional qualification (e.g., diploma or advanced diploma).
  • what you are studying (some courses are more intensive than others);
  • your language background; and
  • whether you are doing it part-time, full-time, or distance education.

STUDY IN offers two certificate III courses in fitness – personal training fundamentals and group fitness. You can study both in 9 months full-time, or in the evenings and on weekends over 18 months part-time.

In New South Wales, it will take approximately 600 hours to complete a Certificate III in Fitness. In Victoria, the course is 500 hours, and in Queensland, it is 500 hours.

In Tasmania, it will take 500 hours to complete a Certificate III in Fitness. In Western Australia, it will take 500 hours to complete a fitness certificate III after doing Certificate I first, which is 250 hours. In South Australia, it will take 400 hours for a fitness certificate III.

Fitness course we offer:

  1. SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness

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