100 Points of ID

Providing 100 points of identification 
You must provide a total of 100 points of Australian or state-issued documents to prove your identity online.
Different types of identity documents are worth different points. You can use different combinations of documents to make up your 100 points, but you must include at least 1 primary document as part of your 100 points.

The 100 points of ID system was introduced by the Australian Government to combat identity theft and fraud. The system requires that an individual provide a mix of documents, as either originals or certified copies in order to establish that an individual is who they claim to be.

100 Points of ID requirement can be varied based on the state or department or organisation.

For all education provider usually follow this listed documents list in order to comply with the 100 points of ID requirement.


You must show a verifying officer original identity documents from the below list that add up to 100 points (minimum).

CategoryType of document

Category A 

70 points

✅ Birth certificate or extract
✅ Australian citizenship certificate
✅ Passport
✅ Australian driver’s licence or permit
✅ Proof of age card

Category B

30 points.

✅ Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) card
✅ Centrelink pensioner / health care card
✅ Government employee identification card
✅ Secondary or Tertiary student identification card
✅ Seniors / Medicare / private health card

Category C

15 points

✅ Council rates / property insurance papers
✅ Professional or trade association card
✅ International driver’s licence
✅ Bank or credit card
✅ Utilities bill (telephone, gas, electricity or water)
✅ Tax notice / superannuation statements
✅ Motor vehicle registration / insurance papers
✅ Rental property lease agreement

For Aboriginal applicants who reside in remote or isolated locations, apart from the standard identity items above, there is an added option of two letters of verification provided by Community Leaders (recognised as leaders of the community to which the applicant belongs). Each verification scores 50 points.

For applicants under 18: One Category A document must be provided.  However, a statement from an educational institution, signed by the principal or deputy principal, confirming that the child attends the institution (statement must be on the institution’s letterhead) may also be provided.  Such a statement scores 50 points.

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