Want to work in the Meat industry in Australia?

Are you working in the meat industry? Or running your own firm? If you can use your current experience and settle in Australia, wouldn’t it be great? Now, you can get the chance to be a part of the meat industry of Australia and successfully build your career.

Most people picture butchers when they think of the meat sector. 

People are unaware that there are approximately 73,000 jobs in the Australian meat business, and there are career paths that lead all the way to the top. You can work as a butcher, meat processor or supplier. There are numerous opportunities. 


The responsibility of a meat processor doesn’t limit in cutting and packing meats. You’ll need to understand the supply chain of the meat industry and how your work affect the whole process. Here are some duties of meat processors that depict regular chores that they would need to carry out in their positions.

  • Plan the PowerPoint presentation and manage the project timetable.
  • Follow proper food safety practises and finish packing the various cuts of beef and pork needed for major distributors and wholesale restaurants.
  • Observe all USDA guidelines and requirements when preparing meat.
  • Aid in creating and sustaining a productive team and effective communication.
  • To obtain USDA permission, prepare and check the production rooms for cleanliness.
  • As per OSHA requirement guidelines, make sure all spaces are kept clean and maintained to eliminate potential food-borne infections.
  • Cutting the thick fat off of hog loins in a processing plant for pork.
  • Always have a positive outlook and engage in effective communication with coworkers and clients.
  • Improve operating efficiency by recommending changes to procedures, structures, and standards. Collaborate with support staff to implement system processes.
  • Draught, examine, and negotiate ancillary transaction documents on your own, such as confidentiality agreements and company governance paperwork.

Certificate III in Meat Processing 

Certificate III in Meat Processing will teach you the skills you need and familiarise you with the way of the meat processing industry. The emphasis of the AMP30815 Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) is on applicable, global situations from the real world. 

The curriculum will provide you with the necessary abilities you can apply right away and will inspire you to think in a variety of ways.

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