Progressing Beyond the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management: Exploring Higher Qualifications

The Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management (ADCSM) is an important stepping stone for those aiming to enhance their leadership and management skills within the community sector. However, the educational journey doesn’t have to end there. There are several qualifications you can undertake after completing the ADCSM to further bolster your professional capabilities. This article explores these potential avenues and their benefits.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or Community Services

A Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or Community Services is a logical next step after completing the ADCSM. This undergraduate degree offers comprehensive training in various aspects of social work, such as community development, social policy, and human rights. It also includes practical work placements that provide valuable hands-on experience.

Some universities may offer credits for the ADCSM, reducing the time required to complete the degree. However, this largely depends on the specific university and the nature of the course.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) can complement your existing knowledge in community sector management by providing a solid foundation in business principles. Specializations such as non-profit management or social entrepreneurship could be particularly beneficial.

Master’s Degree in Social Work or Community Development

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree, a Master’s in Social Work or Community Development could be an excellent option. These programs delve deeper into the theoretical aspects of social work and community development, and often provide opportunities to conduct research in the field.

Master’s Degree in Public Administration

A Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) is a highly regarded qualification for leadership roles within the public and nonprofit sectors. It covers areas such as policy development, public finance, and organizational leadership.

Doctorate Degrees

For those who aspire to conduct advanced research or teach at the university level, a Doctorate in Social Work, Community Development, or Public Administration could be a viable option. Doctorate programs are typically research-intensive and require the completion of a dissertation.

Professional Certifications

In addition to academic qualifications, there are several professional certifications that can augment your skills in community sector management:

  • Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP): This certification is offered by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and is well-regarded in the nonprofit sector.
  • Certified Social Work Manager (CSWM): Offered by the National Network for Social Work Managers, the CSWM certification can demonstrate your proficiency in social work management.


Completing the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management is an accomplishment to be proud of. However, don’t limit your growth to this achievement. The avenues discussed in this article are designed to help you further your knowledge, enhance your skills, and ultimately, better serve your community. Remember, your potential is boundless, and continuous learning is the key to unlocking it. Whether it’s a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate, or professional certification, each path offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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