Trade License

Wall and Floor Tiling License

Australia’s plumbing services sector provides plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair services for fittings and fixtures that are used in the processes of waste capture, treatment, and distribution

About The Wall And Floor Tiling License

The visual effect of floor and wall tiles is higher than that of practically any other design element in a space. You must carefully select your tiler in order to get the desired effects. Your greatest guarantee that you’re working with a trained tiler is their trade license or other professional accreditation.

Tiling Licence Classes

Most commonly associated Tiling licence classes around Australia are:

  1. Tiling
  2. Wall Tiler
  3. Wall & Floor Tiling
  4. Wall & Floor Tiler
  5. Cork Tiling
  6. Floor Tiler

Tiling Services

Tilers carry out a wide range of jobs related to tiling, including:

  1. Kitchen splashbacks
  2. Bathroom and laundry
  3. Wall tiles
  4. Shower tiling
  5. Bathroom and laundry
  6. Floor tiling
  7. Floor tiling
  8. Outdoor tiling

Apply for Trade License

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The criteria for obtaining a license vary based on the state or territory in which you wish to work and the trade for which you wish to be licensed.


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