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Carpentry Licence

Australia’s plumbing services sector provides plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair services for fittings and fixtures that are used in the processes of waste capture, treatment, and distribution

About The Carpentry Licence

Carpenters and Joiners are tradesmen who work with timbers in both domestic and commercial building and construction industry. A carpenter’s job may include but are not limited to:

  1. Studying building plans and drawings to work out the materials required and how best to install features.
  2. Preparing, treating, cutting, and shaping timber elements to be used for structures or fittings.
  3. Erecting building framework, roofs and floors, fitting exteriors, doors and window frames.

In Australia, if you want to work as a carpenter or joiner, you may need a licence from an appropriate body, depending on the state or territory in which you want to carry out the carpentry work.

How To Apply

Although the criteria and qualifications for a carpentry license differ in each state and territory, a certificate III is generally necessary in carpentry and joinery or a certificate III in carpentry. You may acquire a credentials by acknowledging your past learning unless you receive the standard TAFE certificate or comparable diploma. RPL recognizes the experience and abilities that you have acquired during business training.

Enough evidence of many years of practical training and experience will prove your skills in the carpentry industry.

Measured by RPL you may save time and money, because you do not need to take a course from the beginning to the end. You might qualify in many weeks by showing that you have achieved the results of the qualification. RPL is a valid approach to earn your qualification based on already acquired experience, therefore saving you time.

If regulations change, please contact your state licensing authority for up to current information. Australia Certified is not an RTO or a Licensing Authority

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The criteria for obtaining a license vary based on the state or territory in which you wish to work and the trade for which you wish to be licensed.


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