South Australia has a great opportunity for Hospitality Management Professionals

How can studying Hospitality Management get you Permanent Residency in South Australia?

Study in a regional campus not only does it give the additional points and time on a post study work visa, but it can also mean that you are a more appealing candidate for nomination by SA State as you have already shown a commitment to their region and contributed to that local economy.

Here is an example of a possible pathway for an international student that wants to pursue the career in the hospitality management sector.

Let’s take Torrens University in Adelaide, as an example.

Why is Torrens University a good institute to consider, specifically their South Australian campus?

South Australia has many advantages, great cost of living compared to some other states, also have some very appealing pathways to migration if you graduta  from their state.

So lets consider hotel/motel manager as your PR occupation, which is on South Australia’s list.

In this case, Torrens University offers very competitive prices and great scholarships, but most importantly, they offer the relevant course to qualify you for this occupation, which is the Master of Hotel Management.

Studying this master, which is 2 years of study in a regional location, will enable you to access an additional  1 year in Australia on a post-study work visa- so that could mean a total of 3 years with full time work rights after you graduate.

 Hotel/motel manager occupation requirements

 In order to gain a successful skills assessment (Which is mandatory for all EOI submissions)  you will need to have one year of work experience AFTER achieving your qualification in order to lodge a skills assessment. Which should be pretty easy to achieve when you have a visa (485) with full work rights for 3 years. (Bonus – it doesn’t need to be full time time work experience either!)

Once you receive a positive skills assessment then you can approach South Australia  for regional nomination.

What next? In order for South Australia to consider you for nomination they will require you to provide evidence that you have met their nomination requirements – which vary from occupations but usually differ in the level of English required , work experience and funds settlement.

TIP – South Australia will only consider this occupation for their 491 (temporary) visa (but it does lead to PR)

Many occupations are now being ‘moved over’ to the 491 list instead of the 190 list as it gives the states more commitment from you – you can only progress to PR if you continue to live, work (and contribute economically) to their state/region. This goes for almost all states and territories- not just South Australia

I think this is a fair trade though- especially as the 491 also entitles you to medicare!

BUT it is also important to note that even if you were on their “main 190 nomination list” they will also only consider you for the 491 if the history shows you have lived, studied or worked in another state in the last ten years.

This just means a longer path to being granted PR. But it also reiterates why – if you are at the start of your study journey – choosing the right school and location will make a huge difference to your points and pathway.

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