Is Motorcycle Mechanic a Good Career for You?

The motorcycle market experienced a boom in sales during Covid-19. Though the pandemic shook the finance of the country, the purchase of motorcycles increased by more than 15%. Motorbikes allow people to travel long distances while maintaining distance from others, with the increasing number of motorbikes. The demand for motorbike technicians has increased too. 

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Is Motorcycle Mechanic a Good Career?

If you have an aptitude for mechanics, becoming a motorcycle mechanic is a good career choice. You can specialize in maintenance repair for specific motorcycle manufacturers by taking continuing education classes. You might be required to work some evenings and weekends. 

 You can also use the skill to hone your skills and make yourself an expert in the automotive industry. You can work as an automotive electrician or motor tester as well.

What Do Motorcycle Mechanics Do?

Maintenance, repair, and service of motorcycles are your primary responsibilities as a motorcycle mechanic. Testing and diagnosing problems, using hand and power tools to repair and replace parts, rebuilding engines, repairing brakes, drive chains, forks, and transmissions, and performing other types of motorcycle repair and routine maintenance, such as oil changes, are all part of your job. Some of the key responsibilities of a motorcycle mechanic are:

  • detecting and diagnosing engines and parts faults
  • dismantling engine assemblies, steering mechanisms and other components 
  •  replacing and repairing worn and defective parts
  • reassembling mechanical components, and referring to service manuals as needed
  • performing scheduled maintenance services 
  • reassembling engines and parts after being repaired
  • testing and diagnosing parts with the assistance of computers
  • adjusting mechanical parts after being repaired for proper performance 

Skills You’ll Need to Be A Motorbike Mechanic.

To be a motorcycle mechanic, you’ll need a set of skills. Employers especially prefer people who have the following qualities:

  • Repair:

While maintaining the motorcycle, you’ll encounter various unexpected problems to fix. You’ll have to take care of them and repair the issues.

  • Communication Skills

If you can’t communicate with your customers, it will be a lot more challenging to identify what you need to do. Communication skill also influences your work and relationship with others.

  • Hand Tools Operation

To be able to fix bikes, you need to be quite efficient with your hands. A technician needs to handle tools and repair sophisticated parts of a motorbike. It always requires physical strength and precision to manage those tools.

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