Australia is known as “the lucky country,”. You’ll understand why if you’ve ever travelled there and fantasised about settling there. Moving to Australia is a wise choice for several reasons. It’s a unique place, and probably because of its vastness, it’s one of the most exciting and diversified nations in the world in terms of its landscapes, flora, and fauna.

It’s a nation that takes pride in being just and giving everyone “a fair shot.” That is due to the manner in which it was resolved so long ago. It was believed necessary that everyone should be assessed by their current behaviour and given a fair chance because some of its initial immigrants had criminal records.

This mentality has paid off; now, Australia is well-known for its beautiful environment, amazing sense of humour, and talented athletes. It’s definitely time to look at some of the most prominant and pertinent reasons to migrate to Australia if you’ve ever thought about doing so! Here are 10 reasons why Australia is the best place to live.

1: The Standard of Living

This is a statement that is frequently used while discussing the advantages of living in Australia. In reality, several factors—including the weather, the fewer hours worked per week and longer holidays, the higher earnings, and the greater quality of the food—combine to create a wonderful way of life that is unmatched by any other nation. These are just a handful of the numerous benefits that raise your standard of living on a daily basis.

2: The Fantastic Weather

Australia is a huge country, so the weather varies from region to region, but overall the country has a temperate climate (as long as you don’t consider the Northern Territories in the centre, which are so hot and dry they’re practically impassable!).

Australia has an average of 3000 hours of sunshine per year. Depending on where you reside, you might experience the tropical climate of the north (Queensland), the subtropical climate of Perth or Brisbane, or perhaps the temperate climate of South Australia, particularly Adelaide.

3: Outstanding Career Prospects

What do we mean when we mention the fantastic employment prospects in Australia? We’re talking specifically about the greater compensation, shorter hours, and skill gaps in certain fields that are begging for highly skilled British individuals to come here and fill.

Australian minimum wage will shortly increase to $18.93 per hour, or $719.20 per week, from its existing level of $18.29 per hour, or $694.90 per week. That’s a lot when compared to the British minimum wage, which is only $13.83 per hour or £7.83 per hour.

If your profession is on the list of skills, whether you’re a doctor, nurse, plumber, engineer, teacher, or builder, you’re probably going to make more money over there. 

4: The Outdoorsy Way of Life

There’s something immensely alluring about a life spent outside, and it seems that leisure time is spent far more frequently in Australia. Simply because the weather is typically favourable, people spend a lot of time in their gardens.

Then there are all the neighbourhood gatherings that happen outside, especially in the warmer months. There are markets, outdoor performances of music and movies, sporting events, hiking, and bicycling, to name a few. The majority of people will visit the beach for at least a few hours each week, whether to walk the dog, stroll, or engage in water activities with or without kids.

5: A welcoming and Cordial Culture

For obvious reasons, many individuals are concerned about moving from the UK to Australia. The social aspect is one of the main worries. People worry about establishing new friends and leaving family behind.

There is a genuine culture of embracing new newcomers with open arms thanks to Australia’s heritage as a country of immigration, with immigrants entering for millennia. People are informal, laid-back, and generally receptive to developing new friends and contacts.

6: A Family-friendly Setting with Lots of Opportunities for Kids to Make Friends at School

Australian children really benefit from an active lifestyle. Along with free or heavily discounted schooling, there are many sports and artistic clubs and some excellent schools for children to participate in. Australian universities are highly regarded, and students from around the world compete to enrol there because of this.

What greater motivation to relocate to Australia than the fact that they grow up with a positive outlook on life?

7: Some of the Best Colleges

The universities of Melbourne and Sydney consistently receive good ratings in surveys, while Australia’s university system as a whole offers excellent options to prospective students across the nation. Want to find out what’s more? Contact Studyin and find out opportunities in Australia. We provide nationally recognised certifications that will help you to settle in Australia.

8: Excellent Medical Care

Contrary to popular assumption, the government does offer some assistance to those seeking medical care. Some medical procedures must be paid for, but there are many wonderful family health plans that won’t break the bank, and if your income is below a particular level, you may be eligible for a lot of assistance.

Having said that, private health insurance, like the kind found here, is incredibly affordable and allows you access to some of the greatest medical care available anywhere.

9: A Multiethnic Society

Europeans began colonising Australia a very long time ago; once the first British settlers landed, Germans, Dutch, Italians, and Greeks followed quickly. Today, a large number of immigrants to Australia come from China, India, and other parts of Asia.

As the nation has expanded, we have witnessed more nations come and settle, resulting in the delightfully rich Australian culture that we know and love today. Australia is now home to a tremendously diversified population, and as a result, it has one of the world’s liveliest festival cultures.

10: A Stable Economy

The Australian economy is in excellent shape. Regarding wealth per adult, Australia is the second-richest country. Australians are the wealthiest people in the world with a typical net worth of almost $US274,000 in 2021. The Australian economy grew 0.9% during the June quarter 2022, and 3.6% over the past year.

Australia’s economy does experience ups and downs, but it is much smoother and more stable than the economies of most other nations. For instance, Australia largely avoided the financial crisis of 2008. 

Living in Australia has as many pros and benefits as sand grains on Bondi Beach! So, grab the opportunity and find out yourself. Studyin is always here to help you. Contact us for more details.

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