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The Training Subclass 407 Visa is a short stay visa for individuals word related training or expert improvement in Australia.

The visa is commonly substantial for remain in Australia for as long as 2 years.


There are two qualification pathways for the visa. In any case, all candidates must show that they:


This stream requires a designation by the support to do one of the accompanying activities in Australia:


This would expect you to be working abroad in management or expert position. Training is principally classroom training and would be in aptitudes pertinent to your position


Employer must support you. They can’t be a sole dealer or person. They should turn into a Temporary Activity Sponsor


The visa is liable to condition 8102 which disallows work separated from the preparation determined in the visa application


You can just work for your support. You should work at any rate 30 hours out of each week and be paid in any event the Award rate


You should likewise keep up your medical coverage while in Australia


The application must be lodges online. You can either be in Australia or abroad when lodging the application


Relatives (spouses and children) can be remembered for the application


Stage 1 Your employer must lodge an application for turning into an affirmed support. This is otherwise called Temporary Activity Sponsorship (TAS) application.

Stage 2 Apply for nomination application. The assignment procedure distinguishes the:

  • nomination qualification type
  • subtleties of the proposed training program
  • position to be filled
  • abilities, capabilities, and experience required for the position
  • individual who has been nominated to partake in the movement.

Stage 3 Apply for 407 Visa applications. The entirety of the over three applications can be lodged up together.


This application is made up of three parts:
Sponsorship fee $420
Nomination fee $170
Visa Application fee $285 for the main applicant, $285 for a partner (and any child over 18) and $75 for each child under 18 years of age.

A subsequent temporary application charge of $700 per applicant may be payable if the applicant has previously lodged certain temporary visas whilst in Australia

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