RPL General Checklist

100 points of ID

Example: Passport, Drivers Licence, Utility bills, Any photo ID, Key Pass, Bank Card, Medicare, etc.  

Current detailed Resume, Listing relevant job duties and responsibilities

Resume must contain true information about your academic details & Job information. You may include job description to keep it more authentic. 

Reference Letter from current & previous employer, detailing the position title, duties and responsibilities, referees name, and contact details
Make sure to put all the information under company letter head. 
USI Number – Unique Student Identification Number 

You may create one by visiting www.usi.gov.au if you don’t have one. 
More info – https://www.facebook.com/studyinptyltd/videos/1571844286464585/

Visa Copy 

If you hold any visa in Australia. 

Payslips Or Financial Evidence  
The most recent one to justify that you are working in the industry. You might add payslips or other financial evidence such as TAX return to make your portfolio more accurate. 
Photos & Videos 

Photos & Videos can be taken as per Qualification UNIT outline from the qualifications. You can demonstrate your skills and knowledge while you recording your videos. 

Academic Documents

All other past or most recent degrees or certification that you achieved either in Australia or Overseas. 

Job Contract or Job Offer Letter 

you can include your job offer or job contract to your portfolios.

Any other supporting evidence that you would like to include to your portfolio

RPL process sometimes appears complicated depends on person to person as it relies completely on individual experience and knowledge. However, they can easily manage this process if any individual can adequately gather experience and knowledge evidence.

That is why we have created a primary documents checklist that helps any individual prepare their portfolio for the RPL process. These are just the initial evidence checklist. Depending on the RTO/College, evidence list might be more in-depth and comply with the RPL kit and other relevant information. During the RPL application process you might need to face interview, or recieve 

Above mentioned documents are not the only evidence you require to achieve the RPL assessment outcome. You need further evidence to justify your RPL application as per RTO rpl application procedure. We don’t act as an RTO, we simply guide you to prepare your documents & refer you to our affiliated institution for finalising your RPL applications.

For more info about RPL checklist or RPL application process contact any of our team member.

Call: 1300937775 Email: admin@studyin.com.au

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