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Public Safety

PUAFER002 Ensure Facility Emergency Prevention Procedures Systems and Processes are Implemented

This unit of competency necessitates the skills and knowledge needed to implement facility emergency prevention safety procedures are within a facility, or perhaps a defined number of facilities. An individual undertaking this job may be supervising occupants of any facility; they will be a general supervisor.

PUAFER006 Lead an Emergency Control Organisation

This unit of competency involves the expertise and knowledge needed to make decisions regarding the basic safety of people during a facility emergency and give recommendations about the priority order for responding to an emergency occurrence.

PUAFER007 Manage an Emergency Control Organisation

This unit of proficiency necessitates the abilities and knowledge essential to a member of an emergency planning committee to document and look after a premise emergency plan, to determine and maintain an emergency situation control organisation as well as run as outlined by the facility’s emergency plan.

PUAFER008 Confine Small Emergencies in a Facility

This unit of competency requires the capabilities and knowledge necessary to confine small emergency situation within a premise, and it also applies to occupants who must have first invasion firefighting expertise. It offers to get ready for emergency circumstances, discovering and examining an emergency situation, securely confining emergencies, utilising initial response equipment and confirming about the facility’s emergency response.

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