Student Services - Onshore

Studying at STUDY IN is a great option for students who are both living in or outside of Australia. The student services that are onshore provide students with the help and information that they need to be successful. Our student services are the top of the line and cover most areas of student life.

New Admissions

Every year, STUDY IN helps thousands of students come and study in Australia. We also help students who live in Australia. Our team works with students to help find the right program for them. We also can help you complete applications for funding and the learning institution you would like to attend. For more information, please check out our new admission pages.

Change Provider

When you are thinking about enrolling in a learning institution, you may not know what you are really looking for from the program. STUDY IN has helped students change their learning institution and programs. Studying the right program at a good learning institution is important for your success, so we will help you make sure that you are in the right learning environment. Many learning institutions will credit the classes that you have completed, which limit the number of courses that you need to retake. This process can take time, so please take the time to check out our change program provider page.

We also help students switch their field of study or university. This is important as being in a field that you do not enjoy can make studying impossible.

Student Counselling

Many students have a lot of questions about college and university. Since these questions usually range from the process of selecting a course and enrolling, to funding, and help with courses, so STUDY IN offers student counselling. Student counselling is an important part of student services because this is one of the main areas that our team interacts with students. We offer student counselling both online and at our offices. If you need help, you should contact us and we will make an appointment for student counselling or will provide you with the answer to your question over the phone or by e-mail. Our team also help students find jobs in their field.

Apply Online

If you are planning to apply for one of the many courses that are offered by STUDY IN, you can quickly and easily apply online. The online applications will only take a few minutes to complete. You will need to have all of your information before starting the application process. Most of the time, applying online helps you learn more about the programs.

Here at STUDY IN, we try to make sure that students are comfortable with their studies and their life at school. Student services provide our students with the information that they need quickly, which can help you decide if STUDY IN is the best option for you. We also help students find the best option for courses and schools for them. We believe that each student is special, so we take a unique approach to each case.

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