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Unlock your potential with Studyin’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program. Transform your real-world experience into nationally recognized qualifications, effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in hospitality, building, construction, or beyond, RPL acknowledges your hard-earned skills.

Our streamlined, online assessment process validates your expertise, offering a clear path to career advancement and new opportunities. Embrace the chance to turn your experience into tangible success. Take the first step towards a brighter future today. Discover how your skills can shine with Studin’s RPL program. Share your details to learn more and begin your journey.

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The path to formal recognition, made easy

Skills Assessment

Assess eligibility through a skills evaluation, examining work experience to guide you on the next steps in the process.

Submitting Documents

Post-assessment, submit necessary documents for verification. Our team supports you throughout, ensuring everything is accurately in place.

Getting Qualified

Upon successful verification, receive a nationally recognized qualification, marking the completion of your RPL journey and skill recognition.

Our Top Industries


Australia owes to a multi-ethnic community therefore pursuing a career or educational pathway in the hospitality industry is an adequate choice.


Automotive retail and repair is a dynamic sector which focuses on expertise and skillful input.

Health & Community Services

Enhance learning and skills in this industry dedicated in promoting wellness and assisting individuals in need.

Business & Administration

Business and administration is a growing commercial industry, gain skills and expertise in this with our services.

Building & Construction

Build your future and construct your learning with RPL in the dynamic building and construction industry.

Beauty & Hairdressing

There is a high demand for beauty and hairdressing in the community, which means there is an increasing number of career opportunities.

Get Qualified Via
Recognition Of Prior Learning


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that acknowledges and validates your currently existing skills, knowledge, and experience, despite of how they were acquired. RPL offers an opportunity for you to gain formal recognition for your abilities, enabling you to track your educational and career progression. RPL helps you to get adjoined with the certification that is sufficed with your prior qualifications. RPL is a viable option for people who have gained skills and knowledge through
work experience, informal learning etc.

The RPL process is entailed with following steps:

Identify your learning outcomes The first step is to identify the learning outcomes that you want to achieve through RPL. These learning outcomes will be based on the requirements of the qualification that you are seeking.

Gather evidence of your learning Once you have identified your learning outcomes, you will need to gather supporting evidence to be provided as proof. This evidence can be in a variety of forms, such as work samples, portfolios, reference or service letters.

Submit your evidence to an assessor The assessor will review your evidence and determine whether you have met the learning outcomes of the qualification. 
If you are successful, you will be awarded the qualification.

The duration to get RPL can vary depending on the industry you are focusing on, the certification, the evidence you supply, and how efficiently you supply the relevant evidence. Overall, the RPL process can take from 1 to a maximum of 8 weeks. The following are some of the factors that can affect the length of the RPL process:

The complexity of the qualification: relatively complex qualifications will take a longer time to assess.

The amount of evidence you supply: the more and sufficient evidence you supply, the faster the assessment process will be.
Your quickness in providing the evidence: the faster and efficient the submission of evidence is, the faster we can proceed with the RPL assessment.

The most significant benefits in using RPL includes;

Time saving
A financially viable option

Improves your career prospects

Allows to gain a competitive edge

Increases your self confidence

Helps to expand your knowledge and skills

It can help you to enhance your confidence and selfesteem when you have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge through RPL assessment, it will help you feel more confident in yourself.

You may get the chance to network with other professionals the RPL assessment process can give you the opportunity to build up connections with other professionals who are also seeking to upskill themselves.

You will be able to stay updated with the latest industry trends the RPL assessment process can help you to identify the latest industry trends and advancements and to ensure that your skills and knowledge are contemporary.

RTO is termed as Registered Training Organisation. RTOs are accredited by Australian government to  carry on training and assessment services for individuals. They offer a range of courses summing up every industry.

The main difference between RPL and RTO is that RPL is an assessment process which helps you to get your prior learning and experience evaluated against the requirements of a qualification, whereas RTO is an organisation that is accredited to deliver training and assessment services.

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