An ultimate guide to getting into nursing in Australia

These days, Nursing has gotten one of the flourishing career pathways for an International understudy to set out on. Nursing experts are reliably generously compensated, and it is of the most bankable occupations as far as graduate results. Adding to that, it is an all-around regarded work that serves the community.  Are you planning to be a registered nurse in Australia?

Be that as it may, do you have the stuff to break into this field? There are specific pre-essential characteristics one needs to turn into a nursing specialist. A solid establishment in mathematics as well as biological sciences, a demeanor to mind, snappy reasoning and capacity to work under quick paced-stressful conditions are a portion of the fundamental necessities to seek after a profession in Nursing.

Specifications and courses

Most Nurses discover work in a clinical or any hospital. Nonetheless, there is a vast area of unexplored health care settings where medical caretakers assume an essential job. Numerous Nurses likewise discover work in community care, education, schools/colleges, pharmaceutical organizations, wellbeing organization inside the government as well as NGO area.

There is likewise a broad scope of specialization inside the center clinical practice, for example, crisis care, aged consideration, maternity care and escalated concern that one could spend significant time in by picking the correct majors inside their course work.

All courses are a blend of theoretical course work and practical clinical positions which puts a viewpoint of what occupation of an attendant is, in a real industry setting.

There are two types of nurses in Australia;

  • Registered nurses or RN
  • Enrolled nurses or EN

Registered nurses or RN

An RN is required to finish a tertiary capability at a Bachelors level for the term of three years. An enlisted nurse is responsible for surveying, arranging, executing and assessing nursing care for patients across the community, private or clinic settings. It requires a University level of instruction and a certain measure of fundamental reasoning and research aptitudes at a Bachelors’s or Masters’s Level to play out this job sufficiently. Also, the RN can assume a functioning job in the nursing organization by overseeing and planning crafted by Enrolled Nurses and other health care workers.

Enrolled nurses or EN

An EN is required to finish a Diploma level of training in Nursing for a base length of the year and a half to 2 years. A selected Nurse is instructed at a Vocational Education and training part (VET) level, and consequently, they join an increasingly hearty commonsense range of skills with complete theoretical knowledge to give care to patients. They regularly work under RN’s and their activity job can be depicted as providing nursing care to patients in an assortment of wellbeing settings under the supervision of Registered Nurses.

Entry points to enter a Nursing study pathway:

A hopeful student can plan to break into a Nursing study pathway at three levels:

  • Diploma   
  • Bachelors
  • Masters


After completing year 12 or senior/higher secondary level education in Australia or your nation of origin, one can apply to examine Diploma of Nursing at TAFE’s and Universities across Australia. Notwithstanding, by and large, Nursing courses require a develop age passage.

It implies understudies must be over 18 years old. An extraordinary endorsement from the scholastic workforce must be tried to take on a Nursing program when a course taker is under 18 years old. Another essential much of the time is mathematics taken as a compulsory unit in year 12 to pick up a passage at a Diploma level.

In the event that an understudy is under 18 years old, it is a great idea to take on a CERT III in Individual help or aging support as an antecedent course before beginning the Diploma program.


An international student can enter a Bachelor of Nursing course upon completing year 12 in their home country. It is crucial that the student has a good grade point of average across STEM indicative subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, biology, general sciences, etc.) and also have excellent English competency in the range of IELTS overall 7 with no individual score less than 7. The equivalent scores set up the University for other tests such as OET, PTE to ensure direct entry into the course.


An understudy can likewise contemplate a Master of Nursing program at different Universities after coming from a non-graduate foundation where their majors at a Bachelors’s level are, to a great extent inconsequential to Nursing. This permits understudies who have finished various courses at Bachelor’s level to turn into a Nursing specialist by doing a two years Master’s program.

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